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In a nutshell...

DTJ PR and Brand Management is a specialist brand building consultancy  with a passion for developing and supporting exceptional brands and experts.


My work centres on providing independent businesses, founders, and creatives with support, guidance, and opportunities to reach their full potential, grow and prosper through strategic PR, communications, and management services.


How I can help you.


PR and
Brand Management

Getting the essence of  your story - who you are, what you do and why you do it is crucial to any good PR strategy.  And then it's about identifying and who needs to hear it to create the moments that will push your work to the next level through:

Strategic planning


Media pitching

Media training

Press and consumer events

Advocacy building and audience development

Value led Influencer engagement

Brand Partnerships

Retail relations



 I offer consultancy sessions for brands and organisations that  identify the pivotal stories and layers that will help you stand out and create strategies for how to bring them to life all of which includes:

Competitor analysis and brand deep dive

Brand messaging and tone of voice

Multi channel comms strategy

Content and campaign direction


That's not all

I've been in this industry for over 16 years and boy, has that garnered a lot of insights and knowledge around the world of PR, and brand building; especially when it comes to creating and supporting culturally conscious and equitable work that benefits both industry and communities.

If you're interested in working with me for workshops for your organisation, speaker opportunities and anything in between, I'd love to hear from you.

fruit bowl_edited.jpg

I collaborate with independent founder-led brands and  leading experts to help them achieve their goals.



Natural beauty solutions made with melanin in mind.

Ava Estell represents a new generation of beauty brand.


Created by a husband who recognised his wife's skincare struggles with hyperpigmentation he set about exploring solutions himself when he found the existing market was lacking when providing for the needs of the melanated consumer looking for naturally driven results led skincare.


bodied massage hackney.jpeg


A modern-day bodywork studio that centres massage firmly with the healing and recovery journey.


Founded in 2021 by massage expert, Joke Adejumo, Bodied operates to offer its clientele with the benefits of the brain and frame intersect that good bodywork can result in.

Maya Njie fragrance.jpeg


Founded in 2016, Maya Nije Perfumes is a truly one of a kind brand that has succeeded in separating itself from the masses. With a catalogue of

scents that defy the confines of gender and are characterised by their transportive nature, Maya Nije employs her aptitude for photography and surface design to create fragrances that freeze and share moments in time.



Launched in 2016 and meaning “community” in Swahili, Jamii is the brainchild of entrepreneur Khalia Ismain whose mission is to support the economic betterment of Black communities through business development.

Jamii allows the public to consciously and conveniently access over 250 brands across beauty, fashion, lifestyle and much more and incentivises investment by offering a Jamii card which provides holders with exclusive discounts.

The Steam Bar selfridges.jpeg


A Premium Hair Care Brand with a Focus on Scalp Care

Say goodbye to bad hair days with The Steam Bar, a luxurious hair care brand that's dedicated to scalp care. The Steam Bar is the first of its kind, merging the art of 'skinification' with the cultural ritual of hair steaming. This unique approach is delivered through expertly formulated products for home use and an elevated salon experience that prioritizes hair health.



 Leading family owned afro hair salon since  2005 focusing on afro hair care and protective hair styles

"Super thoughtful, creative, relationship builder with fantastic attention to detail, Deborah is a master of her craft. Deborah was instrumental in helping me build my personal brand and Black Skin Directory to award winning successes that are still going strong. I look forward to having her on my team again."

Dija Ayodele,  Black Skin Directory

Get in touch

Hello, I'm Deborah.

Over the last 16+ years of working within this industry I've come to appreciate that any good  and fruitful relationship is built on building a true affinity with those you work with; those that are rooted in shared values,  goals and appreciations in life that more often than not are discovered through conversations. 

So, if you think I can offer something that you need, let's start one.


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