Hi, I'm Deborah.

I'm a freelance PR + Brand Manager with a goal to support and champion women like me. Simply put,  I want to see more of us do well in the work that we do, for the lives that we live and want to build.

With over 14 years experience, initially cutting my teeth within agencies, I now work as freelance consultant for what I'm proud to say are some of the UK's most exciting, innovative and valued female led businesses.

It's through my years of experience and genuine passion for the brands that I rep and the work that I do, that enables me to forge long lasting and positive relationships with clients

With a focus on transparency, intelligent creativity and simple yet effective hard work, based on my clients individual needs my aim is to deliver impactful results that will allow their businesses to rise.


Thanks. I'll get back to you asap.


PR + Brand Management

London, UK

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