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Delivering knowledge, power and choice

Launched in 2015 by e-commerce expert, Winnie Awa, Antidote Street is a trove of discovery of the world’s greatest brands for afro and curly textured hair dedicated to giving consumers knowledge, power and choice.


With a customer first ethos, the Antidote Street vision is to reinvent the shopping experience by creating desirable, considered and streamlined experiences that benefit the consumer, the brands and the beauty industry as a whole.


Black Skin Directory

Connecting people of colour with the skincare they deserve

Dija Ayodele is the  founder of the Black Skin Directory.

An aesthetician by trade with over 10 years’ experience, her Kensington based clinic has become a go to destination for women of colour seeking out treatments and advice for their unique skincare needs.


It’s through her years of listening to her client base lament on their frustrations at being unable to find skincare professionals to cater to them that Dija launched the Black Skin Directory. This pioneering  and award winning platform enables women (and men) to find dermatologists, aestheticians and other skincare professionals who are specifically qualified and experienced in treating and working with the unique physiology of darker skin tones.

Alongside this BSD also features educational tips and articles and host events that better verse people in understanding their skin



London's premier skincare destination

Dr Kubicka has practiced Aesthetic Medicine for a number of years, working with top companies including Harrods, Allergan, Remington and Restylane.


She established “Clinicbe®”, her own revolutionary clinic in the heart of Knightsbridge, which was conceived to offer patients and clients a broad range of health and lifestyle therapies in addition to cosmetic and medical skincare treatments.

Dr Kubicka personally offers cosmetic and medical skincare treatments. She is renowned for beautiful results with a delicate touch with her cosmetic treatments that include Botox, fillers, peels and Dermaroller®, with medical skin treatments focused on Hyperhidrosis, Hyperpigmentation and thread veins.




Delivering natural skin radiance

Eléngé, meaning "youthful" in Lingala, a language from the Democratic Republic of Congo is created to deliver effortless radiance to the skin, comprising of raw, natural and vegan products to enhance bathing and beauty rituals. 

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Gina Knight

The new face of social influence

Mother. Partner. Business Woman and social media inspiration, Gina Knight has amassed a community of over 55,000  with her witty, inspiring, socially relevant and honest content and approach to life.

Her audience is a multi faceted bunch seeking out her advice and opinion on everything from parenting, growing a business to  style, and beauty advice.

Alongside her main page and presence Gina also runs an award winning wig making service operating under The Wig Witch.

Conceived as a means to explore protective styling options after suffering from post pregnancy hair loss, The Wig Witch has become revered for it’s distinct and versatile natural looking afro hair textures.

Maya Njie

Niche fragrances inspired by family, culture and history.

Inspired by the founders Swedish upbringing and West African heritage and rooted in an old family photo album from the decades before her birth,  the Maya Njie fragrance collection sets out to  uniquely capture, by way of scent, these moments in time, these tropes of familial life, set within their frames.


Prick Ldn

The changing face of British horticulture

Entrepreneur and creator of London’s first Cacti and Succulent specialist store, PRICK London.
Gynelle Leon is a beacon of change and a much needed new face in the world of horticulture. Previously working in forensic science, Gynelle left behind her old life and turned a wishful idea into a contemporary white-walled sanctuary where time and the stress of city-life seem to not exist.


Afro hair salon in more ways than one

A London based, family owned, afro hair salon aiming to elevate the afro hair experience.

Offering a variety of afro hair styles and providing a growing selection of brands created by women of colour for women of colour.

SIMPLYGorgeous also acts a social hub hosting a selection of events from workshops covering beauty and crafts to chill sessions with leading thinkers and creative women of colour.

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